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  • By Melting
  • By grinding
  • Re grind beads – used for ENERGY RECOVERY
  • Land fill (DISPOSAL)
  • Melting
  • By recycling all EPS Manufacturing waste by melting and these lumps, pellets are raw material for others products such as Extruded Polystyrene.
  • By Grinding
  • By granulating machines reduce off-cuts of EPS into regrind beads that are used in virgin eps according to the quality of final products.
  • Re grind beads used as a fuel for Energy recovery (Applicable for NON FR GRADE EPS regrind only)
  • The calorific value of EPS NON FR GRADE per kilogram is 40 MJ/kg, at a typical use density of 15-20 kg/m3. The heat energy generated by the EPS incineration process can be utilized for Power generation.
  • Land Fill (DISPOSAL)
  • Landfill-using EPS does bring advantages. EPS waste is inert and non-toxic, so the landfill site becomes more stable. EPS aerates the soil, encouraging plant growth or reclaimed sites.