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Foundation for lightweight structure

To replace traditional agricultural pile footing on peat soils the EPS geofoam can be used. The EPS geofoam can be used for footing due to there advantages like cost savings light weight ease of construction and transportability for reuse. To impart a net zero load on the underlying and highly compressible peat soils the footing design by the EPS geofoam. For footings of lightweight types of structure built and compressible peat or clayey soils the EPS geofoam has various choice there for the settlement of the footing is little or maybe not required.

Rail Embankment

To construct railway embankments the EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS can be used which do not overload the existing soils. To support railways loads EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS is strong enough as a filled material. The expansion of light rail system & front runner commuter rail system in & near the EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS was used. To avoid settlement of adjacent bridges & utilities resulting from settlement of underlying take deposits the primary design was considered for the project. For the project time & cost constrain EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS was chosen as the most appropriate fill material.

Road construction over poor soils

The growing need of new roadways in many cases the construction of the road is over soft & loose soils It is incapable to take supporting additional road. To solve the road problems the designer or the contractor of road must identity the innovative materials & construction techniques while building on soft soil or wet lands are present at same time to accelarative the project schedules. To prevent inacceptable loading on underlying soils & adjacent structure EPS blocks can be used to replace compressible soils or in place of heavy fill material. Traffic loadings associated with secondary & inter-state highways the EPS blocks are able to support due to its high compressive resistance.

The EPS blocks save time while construction due to its light weight & easy to handle. It is an engineered product it is already processed with Q & A testing as well the other fill material requires to take Q & A testing that is very time consuming.

A description of typical road construction from bottom to top are as follows.
  • 1)At the base of roadway excavation compact layer of sand must be filled to provide a level & free draining construction surface.
  • 2)Place the EPS blocks at the required height the joints may be taken vertically so as not to create vertical seams.

A separation layer may be placed between the top of EPS block it required to overlying movement system. A separation layer can have two functions are follow. By providing reinforcement the overall performance & the life of movement system can be enhanced by the separation & filtration to increase the durability during tooth before & after construction of EPS blocks. There are various choices available for the separation of layer like geo textile soil cement, pozzolanic stabilized material geogrid or a reinforced concrete slab. For e.g to protect possible hydrocarbon attack on the upper most EPS block from the fuel spills a hydrocarbon resistant geomembrane cover can be placed. & also the reinforced concrete b can be used and from heavy traffic loads. Other structural features can be anchored to the load distribution slab like tilt-up panel walls, impact barriers, light and power poles.

Generally the pavement system consists of select fill roadbase gravel and an asphalt a top the sepration layer is subsequently constructed with concrete pavement driving surface. Prevention from icing attack on EPS blocks also taken under consideration while constructing the roads in cold climate. On the surface of an insulated pavement the ice formation is occurred where the non-insulated pavement remains ice-free. EPS blocks is an excellent insulator because it blocks the pavement section constructed over EPS blocks form ice prior to adjoining areas and also prevent heats from reaching the pavement from the underlying soil. EPS blocks should keep below the frost line for the region or to the top level for e.g. a minimum separation layer and pavement system material thickness of 3 feet should be provided over the EPS blocks, for frost line of 3 feet.

The Borman expressway near Gary,Indiana reconstructed by the EPS blocks which is specified by the EPS blocks which is specified by the Indiana Department of Transportation. Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan the area is underlain by extremely soft native soils. Equivalent to 400 dumps truck loads of traditional soil fill, 32 trucks loads of EPS blocks for this project. Thus, the use of EPS blocks saves the project time, testing, fuel and cost.

Stadium And Theatre seating

EPS blocks can be used in Auditorium movie theatre gymnasium and churches to form tired sitting in about location. New construction in Reno Asian projects EPS blog make it well suited due to their high compression resistance and lightweight. To create the desired profile EPS blocks are fabricated and stacked to the project. In front of the block The fascia riser are attached to provide from work to finished concrete treads. After this seat benches and other attachments and finished then added to complete the project.

EPE Foam Insert
  • Provide excellent cushioning against shocks, vibrations, abrasions
  • Non-toxic, resistance to fungi bacteria & chemicals.
  • Combines resilience with flexibility.
  • Smooth texture
  • Non-permeable to moisture
  • Excellent protection properties
  • Lightweight

  • Excellent strength
  • Highly elastic properties
  • Excellent stabilitys
  • Tear resistance
  • Sharp finishing
  • Sharp edges
  • Available in colors

  • Customer-fitting fabricated packaging for high value items produced in limited volumes.
  • Automotive parts.
  • Electronics parts.
  • Medical devices.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Breakables.
  • Glassware.
  • Industrial equipment.
  • Lighting parts.
  • Music instruments.
  • Optical components.
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Precision tools.

EPE Foam Net

Formerly: Foam net / expanded Polyethylene foam net (EPE / PE)
Made from non-crosslinked�expanded polyethylene foam (EPE / PE),�'EPE net'�is available as tubular netting �sleeve� of various diameters and lengths.

Features :
  • Lightweight yet tough
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Hygienic and non-toxic
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant
  • Economical and reusable
  • Excellent chemical resistance
Applications :
  • Fruit packaging
  • Vegetable packaging
  • Packaging of glass bottles

EPE Foam Trays

Kamaksha Thermocol is offering wide range of foam tray for packaging and safely handling of their goods. This foam tray has excellent flexibility and light weight. It has Cushioning and shock absorption property. This tray widely used in Electronics and automobile industries. It has known for unbreakable and durability.

Features :
  • Flexibility
  • Thermal insulation
  • Light weight
  • Cushioning and shock absorption property
  • Water / moisture resistance
  • Non toxic, hygienic and fungal resistant

EPE Tubes
Features :
  • Durable, lightweight and maintenance-free
  • Easy to cut
  • Packaging and cushioning of laboratory ware like test tubes
  • Packaging of fragile items�like glass bottles etc

Bridge Under Fill

Properly designed EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS can be used to support bridges. Little additional load adds to the underlying ground due to lightweight EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS. In case of some existing bridge the load taking capacity is not more capable then the EPS (THERMOCOL) BLOCKS in fill can help to transfer the load on the existing bridge due to its lightweight and load safely to the foundation or underlying soil.

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