Cross Linked Foams

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Cross Linked Foams, Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foams, Polyethylene Foams, Crosslink Foams, Cross Linked PE Foams, PE Foam Materials and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Superior, lightweight and high-strength crosslinked PE-EVA foam.

Cross-linked polyethylene foam (also known as XLPE)�is a closed-cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water. crosslinked Polyethylene foam (XLPE)�manufactured by block process. It has many of the same properties as polyethylene foam but also has the ability to protect Class "A" surfaces and is consequently used extensively in the packaging of medical products and equipment. It is extremely fine microcellular, high mechanical strength EVA PE Foam. Variant available are�PE, PE-EVA, EPDM blended foam�& PE+EVA+ NR etc. to suit demanding applications. It is available in various size of sheet and colours. Provides unique advantage of low weight v/s high strength requirement thus improving efficiency.

Features :
  • Excellent�material for sound barrier / heat barrier�& vibration dampening - can be used as a substitute for many automotive & engineering applications.
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Durable, lightweight with high buoyancy
  • Odorless
  • High Cushioning, elasticity & flexibility
  • Resistant to moisture, fungi, bacteria and chemicals
  • Uniform closed cell, microcellular structure
  • Non-Dusting & CFC-Free
  • Non-porous, non-corrosive, non-abrasive and no effect of water
  • Dimensional Stability & Uniform Cell Structure
  • Excellent resilience and chemical resistance
  • High Shock Absorption & Vibration Dampening Properties
  • No weathering effect, Impact Resistance, Bacteria Resistant.
  • Excellent impact, abrasion, compression and tear resistant
  • Oil & Solvent Resistant
  • Available in wide range of thicknesses, widths and colours
Applications :
  • Medical device packaging.
  • Health care industry for prosthetic padding, orthopedic padding, suture counters, wheelchair pads, and more.
  • Building and construction�of special application playground padding, eaves filler strips, and more.
  • Packaging solutions:�Case insert,�box liners, crate liners,�protective pads,�corner pads,�partition lining,�foam tapes & gaskets, heavy industrial machinery packaging�etc.
  • Military grade tool control.
  • General industrial applications for radar spacers, appliance insulation and gaskets, protective padding, and artifact protective packaging solutions.
  • Packaging and cushioning solutions for Automobiles: Foam gap fillers, foam gaskets, die-cut gaskets, anti-rattle pads,�seals, door trims, cable supports, insulation liners, parcel tray liners, head liner, acoustic liners, bumper support, boot liners, bonnet insulation,�balata replacement, self adhesive backed pads etc.
  • Orthopedic soft goods.
  • Returnable packaging: Automotive dunnages, protective foam (XLPE) liners and buffers etc.
  • Athletic padding/helmet lining.
  • Transportation industry for�glass packaging, automotive pads for anti-rattling, waterproof cushions, marine bumpers and buoys, and gaskets
  • Industrial flooring
  • Protective case inserts.
  • Other applications:�Space fillers,�toys,�gymnasium mats, interlocking mats,�kids room mats, alphabetical puzzles and many more.
  • Sports and leisure industry for body armor, Kayak construction, personal watercraft seats, shoulder straps for backpacks, and more.
  • Insulation: Industrial refrigeration, cold storage,�cold water pipes insulation,�AHUs (air handling units),�A/C humidification ducts,�domestic air conditioners etc.

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